World's first decentralized big data and machine learning network
powered by a computing-centric blockchain

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Eliminate Big Data Problems

High and mandatory cost for data storage services

Difficulty in acquiring data source for small organizations

Unfair distribution of profits earned from data

Privacy and security challenge

Meet the game changer - DxChain

DxChain is a big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “DxC Token”)

With a unique chain architecture design and several major innovations, DxChain provides a comprehensive solution for running machine learning algorithms and businesses intelligence on big data and keeping data privacy with security.

Chains-on-chain Architecture

Master Chain

Stores asset information such as state, transaction, receipt, and contract.

Data Chain

It is built upon a P2P file storage system, and stores the non-assets data.

Computation Chain

Supports specific computing task on the DxChain virtual machine (DVM).


PDC (Provable Data Computacion)

A new decentralized computing framework to introduce the Provable Data Computing and verification game

Chains-on-chain Architecture

A new chains-on-chain design to orchestrate a master chain and two side chains - data side chain and computing side chain

Migrate the Hadoop to a decentralized environment

Incorporate Hadoop to DxChain to facilitate big data and machine learning

Support business data exchange and analytics

Flexible and powerful DxChain-based system architecture, dedicatedly designed to support most business data exchange and data analytics requirements